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David Downing

How mature is your decision-making strategy?

What value will these decisions have if they're not founded on a mature data strategy?Read more
David Downing | October, 21 2016

David Downing

Why evidence, not culture, is the key to driving value-based healthcare

The UK's National Health Service (NHS) Confederation has done lost of great research on how to enhance decision making so...Read more
David Downing | June, 7 2016

David Downing

Why clinical insights, not budgets, hold the key to value-based healthcare

Right now, National Health Service (NHS) managers and clinicians in the UK are under phenomenal pressure to find big efficiency... Read more
David Downing | April, 26 2016

David Downing

The NHS: Time to care about big data

Considered to be one of the UK's most precious institutions, it's no surprise that the National Health Service (NHS) has... Read more
David Downing | April, 16 2016

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