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Learning paths

Check out our easy-to-use learning paths for guidance on what courses to take, and in what order, to meet your career goals.

Build a strong SAS programming foundation to manipulate your data, perform complex queries and simple analyses and generate reports.
Access the power of SAS for quick data analysis and report generation using the SAS Enterprise Guide point-and-click interface.

Advanced Analytics
Statistically analyze and interpret data with SAS programs or SAS Enterprise Guide to make data driven decisions.
Statistically analyze and interpret business data for a broad range of applications.
Use SAS to develop forecasting or econometric models that will empower your organization to make informed decisions.
Develop mathematical optimization models to enhance manufacturing, transportation systems and supply chain. Monitor and control your processes.
Learn to use SAS Enterprise Miner or write SAS code to develop predictive models, segment customers and apply these techniques to a range of business applications.
Improve processes and quality by using JMP software to dynamically visualize statistical analyses and optimally design experiments.

Business Intelligence
Leverage the power of SAS from a familiar Microsoft Office interface and employ stored processes and additional functionality to share information across your organization.
Explore big data using in-memory capabilities to better understand all of your data, discover new patterns, and publish reports to the Web and mobile devices.
Use the business intelligence capabilities of the platform for SAS Business Analytics to create a comprehensive and easy-to-use environment for reporting and analysis.
Create and optimize OLAP cubes for multidimensional reporting and analysis. Create advanced stored processes and stored process applications. Customize the look of SAS Web Applications.

Information Management
Collect and manage data stores using SAS Data Integration Studio.
Profile data for inconsistencies, apply various data-cleansing techniques, and monitor data to ensure it is usable for reporting and analysis using DataFlux Data Management Studio.

Install, configure, and maintain the platform for SAS Business analytics.
Administer and maintain SAS applications.

Customer Intelligence
Execute and optimize channel campaign management strategies.
Harness the customer data coming from your online and social media channels.

Fraud and Financial Crimes
Incorporate an enterprise-wide strategy for dealing with all security-related matters to enable more successful detection, prevention and investigation efforts.

Risk Management
Learn how to track and reduce losses, improve capital management and foster a risk-aware culture.
Assess market, credit or operational risk to comply with internal policies or external regulations.

Performance Management
Improve the accuracy of plans and budgets and understand profit drivers to grow profitability.
Align your organization's actions to optimize strategic outcomes and bring strategy to life by visually depicting how objectives and metrics are connected.