GDPR: Comply while staying Competitive

New regulations come into force on 25th May 2018. Use the time wisely to protect your competitive edge.

SAS Roadmap to GDPR

How to achieve the perfect balance between GDPR compliance and analytics that give you a competitive edge.

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Here are a range of short, informative materials to support you in the early stages of your planning:

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Why SAS for GDPR compliance

You can’t protect your organisation’s sensitive data if you’re not sure exactly what or where it is. We provide software and services for all phases of the data protection life-cycle.


We start by securing your access to:

  • Your data sources for personal data
  • Workflows, policies and processes relating to personal data
  • Audit, monitor and risk reports on personal data


We use our tools and capabilities to:

  • Find out and catalogue personal data
  • Analyse personal data attributes, patterns and contextual information to assess the need for re-identification
  • Analyse personal data for risk assessment


We work with you to:

  • Define and align personal data terms across IT and other lines of business
  • Create data flows that link systems and business owners
  • Ensure personal data is accurate, complete and consistent
  • Provide transparency, governance and an audit trail of the analytics processes


To ensure data protection, we:

  • Implement standard safeguards
  • Apply privacy-specific measures (e.g. anonymisation and encryption)
  • Minimise data to the purpose for which it is being collected


To audit your data strategy, we:

  • Log and monitor usage of personal data
  • Audit usage of personal data to demonstrate compliance and privacy controls
  • Run and analyse reports to prove that data is not at risk

How to comply with GDPR
This report will show you how to remain compliant, protect and safeguard all you customers Personal Identifiable Information.

Our solution to GDPR
The General Data Protection Regulation: What It Means and How SAS® Data Management Can Help.

The key actors in GDPR - and how it will affect them

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