Electrifying AI Podcast Series

Episode 7

Episode 7: Building Tomorrow Today

Peter Muhoro has a front row seat for the ongoing energy transition, so the VP of strategy and technology at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative is the perfect guest to talk with host Sal Gill about what it will require for utilities to start building tomorrow today. On the Season 2 finale of Electrifying AI, Peter and Sal discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the expectations of electricity consumers, how the business model for electric utilities could be in for a massive change, and how data and analytics are primed to help utilities shape the future of energy — if those utilities can overcome entrenched cultures and legacy systems.

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The electricity industry is in the midst of multiple transformations and disruptions: from climate change, to transportation electrification, to new business models and so much more. The industry also happens to be one of the most asset-intensive of all. In fact, the electric grid itself has been called the largest, most complex machine ever built. While using big data to drive decisioning is finding a foothold in the industry, those who actually design and operate the grid are finding themselves trying to sort the AI hype from reality.  

That’s where the SAS Energy and Utilities team – and this podcast series – come in. Hosted by Sal Gill and featuring industry expert guests, Electrifying AI provides a venue for listeners to gain up-to-date insights on the latest developments taking shape in the electricity sector. Along this journey, we’ll help demystify the connection between the greatest machine ever built and the greatest enabler of our time: data analytics.


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