What Is SAS® In-Memory Analytics?

SAS In-Memory Analytics divides analytic processes into easily manageable pieces with computations distributed in parallel across a dedicated set of blades. With SAS In-Memory Analytics, you can use big data and sophisticated analytics to tackle complex problems quickly, and solve dedicated, industry-specific business challenges faster than ever before.

SAS In-Memory Analytics gives you concurrent, in-memory and multiuse access to structured and unstructured data, no matter how big or small. The software is optimized for distributed, in-memory processing, so you can run new scenarios or complex analytical computations blazingly fast. You can instantly explore, visualize and analyze data and tackle problems you never before considered due to computing constraints.

What Can SAS® In-Memory Analytics Do for Me?

  • Go from data to decisions faster. Get fast access to deeper insights, so you can seize opportunities and mitigate threats in near-real time.
  • Gain more precise insights from complete data. Run more sophisticated queries and models using all your data – not just a sample – to generate more precise insights that can improve business performance.
  • Establish a reliable, scalable analytics infrastructure. Overcome traditional IT constraints, and get answers to your most difficult business questions quickly, with the speed and flexibility to meet your needs today and in the future.

How Is SAS® In-Memory Analytics Different?

  • Built with analytical workloads in mind. Unlike other in-memory approaches – which involve running queries, descriptive statistics and database workloads in an in-memory environment – SAS In-Memory Analytics is built with sophisticated analytical workloads in mind to solve the most complex business problems.
  • In-memory execution in every phase of the analytics life cycle. Unlike other vendors, SAS uses in-memory analytics technology to perform analyses that range from data exploration, visualization and descriptive statistics to model building with advanced algorithms and scoring new data – all at breakthrough speeds for a real competitive advantage.
  • Targeted, high-performance solutions using in-memory analytics technology. SAS helps solve specific business issues with targeted, high-performance solutions. For example, SAS solutions for risk management, revenue optimization and retail forecasting use in-memory analytics to address needs posed by big data and drive increased value across diverse business functions.

In-Memory Analytics Products from SAS

Coming Soon! New In-Memory Solutions from SAS

  • A single interactive programming environment for Hadoop. (Coming late 2013)
  • SAS Visual Statistics – An interactive and visual advanced analytics environment. (Coming March 2014)