What Is SAS® Grid Computing?

SAS Grid Computing lets you create a managed, shared environment for processing large volumes of data and analytic programs quickly using dynamic, resource-based load balancing. You can split individual SAS jobs and run each piece in parallel across multiple symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) machines using shared physical storage. This enables IT to build and manage a lower-cost, flexible infrastructure that can scale to meet rapidly changing computing requirements.

What Can SAS® Grid Computing Do for Me?

  • Manage jobs and users more efficiently. Central administration helps you monitor and manage multiple users and applications under a given set of constraints. IT can meet service-level demands by easily reassigning computing resources to manage peak workloads and changing business needs.
  • Avoid user or source disruptions. Multiple servers in a grid environment enable jobs to run on the best available resource. If a server fails, you can transition its jobs seamlessly to other servers – providing a highly available business analytics environment.
  • Enhance IT performance. Multiprocessing capabilities let you divide individual jobs into subtasks that are run in parallel on the best-available hardware resource in a grid environment. Faster processing of data integration, reporting and analytical jobs speeds decision making across the enterprise.

How Is SAS® Grid Computing Different?

  • Faster, better business decision making. SAS Grid Computing combines proven, industry-leading computing middleware from Platform Computing with the power of SAS Analytics to scale business processes and accelerate decisions for greater competitive advantage.
  • More efficient big data and analytic processing. SAS solutions for data management, predictive analytics and reporting automatically submit jobs to a centrally managed grid of shared computing resources, enabling big data and complex analytics to run faster and continuously.
  • A cost-effective processing environment. Grid computing enables IT to add low-cost commodity hardware resources incrementally without disruption to the organization, which eliminates the need to size today's environment for your future needs.

Grid Computing Products from SAS