How Do High-Performance Analytics Work?

A high-performance analytics environment lets you take advantage of IT investments while overcoming infrastructure constraints that could prevent your big data assets from becoming high-value insights.

We offer three distributed processing options to ensure that you have the right combination of technologies to meet the demands of your business:

  • SAS® In-Memory Analytics

    Big data and intricate analytical computations are processed in-memory and distributed across a dedicated set of nodes to produce highly accurate insights to solve complex problems in near-real time.

  • SAS® In-Database

    Data integration and analytic functions are executed inside the database, enabling better data governance and speeding time to insight because there's no need to move or convert data repeatedly.

  • SAS® Grid Computing

    SAS jobs are processed in a shared, centrally managed pool of IT resources, which promotes efficiency, lower cost and better performance.

SAS uses high-performance technologies to solve a variety of industry-specific problems and perform analyses that range from data visualization and exploration to model development and deployment. With the flexibility and scalability of high-performance analytics from SAS, you can meet any challenges the future may hold – no matter how big nor how complex your data and analytical demands may get.