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Do you want to boost your career prospects? Then SAS® Skill Builder for Students– is for you. You will get access to free SAS software for academics and gain key analytical skills like coding, machine learning and visualization.

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Why Learn SAS Programming?

Career Opportunities

Learn today's most sought-after skills. 1.9 million jobs requested data analysis and visualization skills in the past year

Source: Lightcast.

Boost Your Salary

32% of those who earned a SAS certification received a salary increase within three months of receiving their certifications.

Source: Pearson VUE 2023 Value of IT Certification Report.

Keep Your Skills Sharp

Job postings requesting SAS skills will increase by 44.7% over the next two years.

Source: Lightcast.

SAS® Skill Builder for Students

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Quickly launch a browser-based programming environment, learn from basic to advanced techniques using coding or point and click tasks.

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Get access to a library of SAS e-learning courses, and supplement your learning with tutorials, videos and online communities.

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SAS certifications are highly valued by employers. Get access to free certification exam prep materials including practice exams.