Now accessing analytics is as easy as sending a message.

Build custom, natural language chatbots through an intuitive, visual interface – low to no coding needed.

Use a low-code visual dialogue builder.​

An intuitive visual interface takes the guesswork out of building conversational experiences, accelerating the design process for both beginners and advanced users.

Get answers and complete tasks in natural language.

Accurately understand your users and respond using natural language text and visualizations.

Access data, reports, visualizations, and even analytics and AI – all from a chat-enabled interface.

Gain insights more quickly and easily using a natural language chat interface to access data, reports and visualizations​. Run text analytics and machine learning models directly from the chat interface. And get feedback on your models in easy-to-understand natural language.


Now anyone with SAS® Viya® can be a bot builder. SAS Conversation Designer is available out of the box with SAS Viya.

Open, flexible & enterprise-ready

Deploy at enterprise scale in the cloud. Configure within SAS Viya or connect your chatbots to external platforms, such as Live Person, to roll them out to the world.

Built to be GDPR- and regulatory-compliant

Include terms and conditions in your dialogue flows. Create conversations that are compliant with privacy and data security regulations. Provide control over data shared in conversations.

Prebuilt sample bots

Get a jump-start on building bots with examples for several use cases, including customer service in retail and assessing the performance of a marketing promotion.

Powered by SAS® Viya®

SAS Viya has a completely redesigned architecture that is compact, cloud native and fast. Whether you prefer to use the SAS Cloud or a public or private cloud provider, you'll be able to make the most of your cloud investment.


Conquer all your analytics challenges – from experimental to mission critical – with faster decisions in the cloud. The latest release of SAS Viya is now available on these cloud providers.

SAS Cloud

Running the latest version of SAS Viya natively on Microsoft Azure, the SAS Cloud manages your entire analytics platform for optimal performance and value.


Microsoft is our strategic partner and preferred cloud provider. With deep integration and a shared road map, SAS and Microsoft are shaping the future of AI and analytics in the cloud.


Designed to be cloud-native, SAS Viya is tested and approved to leverage the same cloud services used by millions of AWS users.


With a commitment to innovation and open-source cloud principles, SAS Viya brings native AI and advanced analytics to Google Cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift

Coming soon, Red Hat and SAS will make analytics easier to deploy and use – whether in the data center, the cloud or both.​

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