Digital transformation. Easier to conceptualize and pilot than to scale. Every organization’s transformation agenda needs more that data-driven intelligent decisions. Workforce readiness and ecosystem engagement is key. Our 2021 expert study distills views from Client Directors who are energizing their clients’ efforts. Join us, and benefit from insights available only to the study community.

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What will it take to Innovate at Scale?

We found that organizations who are experiencing a high degree of success innovating with analytics are doing so because of their approach. Analytics modeling is gaining a foothold in organizations that are embracing collaboration between agile teams with a blend of business and technical know-how.

Transform operations

Develop new products and services

Create more efficient and agile workflows and processes

Recalibrate business models

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Artificial Intelligence. Or Augmented Intelligence? From pilots in innovation labs to enterprise-wide deployment, translating potential into profits requires collaboration like never before. See what tactics our study participants use to improve their chances of innovation-at-scale success. Download the highlights here.

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