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Christian Nelissen,
The Data Guy, Royal Bank of Scotland.

"We will only profit if we do the right thing by our customers."

"And “profit” shouldn’t mean simply pushing product at customers – at the expense of long-term relationships. We’re always looking for new ways to treat our customers as the individuals they are. If we can get that right and lead by example, that can only mean good things for both the industry and the public."

"Data is helping us align our deep-rooted customer focus with all the possibilities of modern financial technology."

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"We’re building even more real and meaningful customer connections – adding significant value to every interaction. We’re also making better business decisions, and creating smarter banking operations and processes."

"We still have a way to go before it’s as seamless and as awesome as I think it can be, but that’s what I’m here to deliver."

"And that’s why I’m thrilled by what analytics gives us. It’s helping us be the personal bank our customers deserve, and lead the broader evolution of financial services."

Behind the success.

Mike Blanchard

Supporting Royal Bank of Scotland.

Listen to Mike Blanchard, Head of Customer Intelligence Solutions,
SAS Northern Europe,
discuss the role of analytics in transforming
our customers' strategic vision.

Woman shopper passing store windows looking at cell phone

Customer Intelligence for the always-on digital economy.

By Mike Blanchard,
Head of Customer Intelligence Solutions, SAS Northern Europe.

A key part of delivering that strategy is based on improving our customer experience by knowing more about our customers, our business, our employees and how we are delivering services. Christen Nelissen The Data Guy Royal Bank of Scotland

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