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How It Works

From start to finish

This isn't a one-time event like traditional hackathons. It’s a sprint within a marathon that spans several months. Just like marathons, the SAS Hackathon goes through several phases.

Starting line

The ah-ha moment! You have an innovative idea about how to solve a specific business challenge or humanitarian issue.

Problem-solvers from around the world come together to form teams of two to 10 members.

All team members are registered and have a profile on the SAS Hacker’s Hub.  

Teams must have a novel approach to tackling a real-world problem and a clear industry-specific business case.

Prepare and train

Excitement abounds! You have the data for your team’s business case – and own the IP.

A cloud environment will be set up for your team. This is where the hack happens.

Enablement resources are available after teams have registered. You have access to a wide variety of courses and virtual learning labs as well as SAS Hacker’s Hub.

Your mentor is ready to help and guide you through the journey – also they’re your biggest cheerleader.  Mentors are available to approved teams.

Ready, set, go

Teams create their solution.

Get hands-on with the latest technology from SAS® Viya® and open source in the SAS Cloud on Microsoft Azure accelerated by Intel.

Build your business case. Be sure to save your work. The cloud environment will be deleted after the hack.

Tell a compelling story. Teams create two videos – a three-minute pitch and an eight-minute presentation for judging.

Home stretch

Upload your videos on the SAS Hacker’s Hub and SAS Hackathon SharePoint site.

Get social and share your hack. Consider posting your short video. This is a phenomenal way to inspire others.

A jury comprised of technology and industry experts evaluates submissions by looking at seven key areas.

Now, the waiting game. The judging process takes a few weeks.

Finish line

Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony.

Winning teams are notified.

Bragging rights earned. Tell your network about you’re the solution your team invented.

Apply your application in the real world – at your organization or consider commercialization.

Get hands-on with the latest technology

SAS Viya’s AI-based automation aligns to your team's needs and talents, keeping both models and progress in motion across the analytics life cycle .

Everyone has a preferred language when it comes to their work. SAS Viya makes it possible to integrate teams and technology, enabling all types of SAS and open source users to collaborate.