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Judging Criteria and Awards

What are the judges looking for?


An algorithm or application that addresses an untapped gap in the industry of choice. The uniqueness and usability in a sustainable economy.


Is the solution clearly defined? Will it solve the problem? Is it viable?

Compelling Event

Are market trends and influences considered? Can this solution be considered captivating?

Key Metrics and Business Value

Is there a clear and straightforward value statement? Have success metrics been defined?


Has the application been demonstrated and proven to work? Teams need to showcase how SAS is used. For instance, the analytical lifecycle, technical components, code/program, models and visualization used. Is there potential after the hackathon? Will the model in production make an impact? Is there a scalable commercialization potential?


Can the solution be considered novel and innovative? Will it be unique in the marketplace and from competitors?

Top Honors and Awards

To be a winning team – that’s big-time bragging rights!
Extraordinary business cases will be recognized in the following categories:


  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Health Care & Life Sciences
  • Insurance
  • IoT
  • Manufacturing
  • Other
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Telecom


  • Computer Vision
  • Decisioning
  • Forecasting
  • IoT Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Visual Analytics
  • Sustainability


  • EMEA
  • Americas
  • Asia Pacific

Overall Global Winner

  • One team will be selected.

The SAS Hackathon provides participants with access to learning resources valued at more than $6,000, unparalleled guidance from experts and hands-on experience with the latest technology at no cost. There’s no monetary prize. Teams own their IP (intellectual property) and can pursue commercialization.