Curiosity is our code

Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. When data enthusiasts come together from different regions, with diverse backgrounds and skill levels, amazing things can happen. These brilliant minds will invent something new – something that could change our daily lives, the way we do business or approach humanitarian causes. Because when curious minds collaborate, the world wins.

SAS believes curiosity is at the heart of human progress. And by pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, we achieve progress. Novel solutions with a social purpose often become a catalyst for positive change. Our mission for the SAS Hackathon is built on those beliefs.

Aligning with our core values, the SAS Hackathon aims to inspire global participants to be curious, passionate, authentic and accountable. We are proud to partner with cross-industry organizations that are aligned to our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Diversity and inclusion

When it comes to diversity, we usually think of race and gender. However, neurodiversity in tech is an aspect of diversity that is often overlooked. At SAS, we embrace and celebrate all kinds of minds and understand the importance of bringing all perspectives to every facet of the workplace. What truly matters is that people feel secure in having a team that accepts them and allows them to thrive.


Tackling problems worth solving requires a strong ecosystem of partners. When we tap into different industries, we gain diverse perspectives, skills and resources to enhance the hackathon.