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Let your curiosity lead the way

Hackers can choose an industry track that best accommodates their interests.

New Student Only Track

SAS provides the data and use case focused on topics such as Data for Good or Ethical Data Analysis, students provide your hacking skills. Participants in the student track will use Viya for Learners to complete the case study. Must register using your valid academic email address.


The Banking Track focuses on conscientious banking for people and the planet.


The Energy Track focuses on using analytics for reliable, sustainable energy.

Health Care & Life Sciences

The Health Care and Life Sciences Track focuses on improving patient outcomes and unlocking life-changing insights through advanced analytics.


The focus of the Insurance Track is transformation in times of volatility.

IoT Cross Industry

The focus of the IoT Cross Industry Track is to transform how value is realized using AI and IoT analytics.

Public Sector 

The Public Sector Track focuses on analytics to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Retail, Consumer Goods & Manufacturing

The Retail, Consumer Goods and Manufacturing Track focuses on the innovation, transformation, and resiliency of the global supply chain using advanced analytics.

Telecom & Media

The Telecom and Media Track focus is finding and developing innovative solutions to real-world problems together.

Get inspired by past hacks

In 2022, twenty-two teams invented new solutions to real-world problems – from creating accessible web forms to modeling flood risk to predicting geographic vulnerability.

Learn more about these outstanding projects! Check out the SAS Hacker’s Hub Past Participants or take a peek at our eBook: Data scientists use SAS® Viya® on Microsoft Azure to develop big innovations.