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Powering public services by transforming tax compliance with AI & Analytics

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The Top Global Trends Impacting Tax Administrators in 2024

23rd January • 16.00-17.00 CET
Learn about the latest trends in tax administration, how to maximize compliance, minimize fraud and create the most efficient process possible for your agency.


Welcome Tax Leaders. 

Every year, governments across the world continue to lose huge sums due to tax evasion and avoidance. We have the technology to counteract this; AI and data analytics can help prevent fraud, protect public services, maintain trust, and ensure taxpayers get value for money.

With our expertise in the tax field and our analytical and AI-based solutions backed by five decades of innovation, SAS can help you to transform your tax compliance to become more streamlined and secure.

This page is specially designed for Nordic tax agencies – here you’ll find our latest resources focusing on increasing compliance, minimizing loss, and administering tax policy fairly and efficiently.

What’s your objective?

There is much to be transformed – and a programme of modernization can sometimes feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Choose an area of tax digital transformation in line with your business priorities.


SAS supports investigations with powerful analytics and case-management capabilities — helping to prioritize important cases, reduce false positives, and increase efficiency and collections.

Supercharge Citizen Services

Discover how hyperautomation can help government departments evolve from pushing paper to pushing the boundaries of public service.

Digital Audit and Investigation: Keys to success for government oversight

This paper explores how digitalization has fundamentally changed the processes needed to detect threats from organized fraud and unintentional errors proliferated by process automation.

Customer Story
Analytic models spotlight risky loans | Italy's Ministry of Economy and Finance

Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance uses advanced analytics on SAS Viya to quickly calculate risk on financial guarantees.

“The risk models made it possible to estimate expected losses by calculating the probability of occurrence of certain events,” says Michele Petrocelli, Head of the IT Coordination Office at the Department of Treasury.”
Michele Petrocelli
Head of the IT Coordination Office
Ministry of Economy and Finance


SAS provides tax authorities with the ability to manage the end-to-end environment to automatically monitor and detect non-compliant behavior on both internal and external fraud.

Enforcing Compliance in a Turbulent World

Dive into the innovative ways that tax agencies can use data and analytics to improve operational efficiency, taxpayer engagement, and smart decisions throughout the revenue and compliance process.

Intelligent Fraud Detection, Anti-Monday Laundering and Public Security Decisions

Make the right decision at the speed of fraud, AML and public security threats with SAS analytics software. See clearly through the most complex operations to prevent fraud, achieve compliance and preserve security.

The power of data in digital transformation | Inland Revenue New Zealand

Read about how SAS supported Inland Revenue New Zealand in overhauling their data processes towards digital transformation that aimed to boost compliance, save taxpayers’ money and improve customer experience.

“With the power of the data intelligence platform, we are able to bring together the data, tools and analytics that better identify specific attributes and risks and apply the right intervention type to the customer’s circumstances at the right time.”
Tina MacLean
Data and Analytics Chief
Inland Revenue New Zealand


Government organizations are losing hundreds of millions to fraudulent tax activities every year. AI and data analytics can help Nordic governments prevent fraud, protect public services, and ensure taxpayers get value for money.

Fraud: A tax that Nordic Citizens Can’t afford

In this eBook, SAS explores the dark world of government fraud and shines a light on the key issues government decision-makers face and how they can tackle fraud through technology.

2022 Anti-Fraud Technology Benchmarking Report with ACFE

Anti-fraud technology plays a key role in many organizations’ fraud programs. SAS surveyed 884 ACFE members about the anti-fraud technologies their organizations currently use or plan to adopt.

Using analytics to predict fraud | Irish Tax and Customs

Learn how Irish Tax and Customs Authority uses SAS along with traditional fraud detection methods to reduce fraud and ultimately reduce costs to the Irish taxpayer.

“Ultimately, it is the taxpayers and citizens who will benefit the most if the public sector adopts data mining as part of its day-to-day business. So if analytics can help to reduce fraud, error and waste, then the taxpayers deserve nothing less.”
Duncan Cleary
Senior Statistician in Revenue
Irish Tax and Customs


As tax agencies move toward a fully digital tax system, SAS can help create dynamic and streamlined customer journeys that nudge citizens towards compliance and help everyone get their tax right the first time – while improving their experience along the way.

Transformational Decisioning in Government

Outlines how governments can incorporate AI-driven decisioning into existing business processes. Through automated processes, deeper insights and the ability to act quickly, governments can innovate service delivery, drive efficiency and help build a better future.

Becoming world-class: A bold vision for HMRC customer services

HMRC continues to lead the way when it comes to government transformation and their ability to make fast, accurate decisions depends on data. We explore how to master the data deluge, create citizen-centric services and build next-generation analytics.

Determining how new tax measures would affect citizens | Belgium Federal Public Service Finance

Discover how advanced analytics helps the Belgian tax authority determine the consequences of potential tax changes for citizens before regulations are implemented.

“We use Aurora [based on SAS Viya] whenever we need very accurate results or an analysis of a tax regime that is very rare. The better our estimations are, the better our policymakers are informed and the better the results will be.”
Adriaan Luyten
Head of the Tax Policy Unit
Belgium Federal Public Service Finance



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