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The Expert Channel brings SAS expertise direct to you, on demand and via interactive live webinars. The channel can be accessed online or via a smartphone, where and when you need it. Webinars are led by recognised SAS professionals and range from:

Chat shows
Expert technical seminars
Hints and tips
SAS® Certification Tutorials
Highlights from the SAS Professionals Convention and Expert Roadshows

Programme Guide

Overview of the SAS Data Integration and Business Intelligence Applications

compass This series provides a comprehensive introduction to the Platform for Business Analytics applications. Starting with an overview of how everything fits together before going through each element in turn from the SAS Management Console through to the SAS business visualisation capabilities.

Making More of SAS® Enterprise Guide®

compass This series of programmes will ensure that you make the most of SAS® Enterprise Guide®. Each episode will focus upon a different topic including: joining tables; creating interactive reports; creating and customising tabular reports; producing effective graphs.

What's New in SAS

compass This series looks at what's new in the latest release of SAS. Topics covered include: the Information Delivery Portal and BI Dashboard; data quality applications; statistics and platform administration.

Reporting Techniques using SAS®

compass The Reporting Techniques series focuses on SAS' reporting capabilities. During the series SAS experts will explore everything from Base SAS procedures such as PROC REPORT and PROC TABULATE to data visualisation using JMP®.

SAS® Certfication Tutorials

compass Designed to help individuals who are preparing to sit the Certification exams. There are tutorials for each exam in the SAS Global Certification programme.

Celebrity Cubes

compass OLAP is basically data in cubes that gives you very flexible reporting capabilities. Delivered by Brian O'Connor, Solutions Architect with SAS UK in a five part series.


compass This series aims to take some of the myths out of statistics. Each episode gives a simple explanation of different statistical techniques, and how to use SAS software to apply those techniques to real-life business scenarios.

Peace Talks

compass A chat show with host Richard Peace who interviews experts and practitioners from the SAS world. Richard is probably best known as the creator of the SAS Professionals network.

A Question of Support

compass Meet Anita Tailor as she and other experts from SAS UK Customer Support share useful hints, tips and troubleshooting techniques to help improve and optimise your use of SAS software.

Male on Monday

compass Phil Male, marketing expert for SAS UK, scours the media for interesting and unusual stories concerning both analytics and the application of SAS technologies.

Find out more on how to become a member of the Expert Channel and technical requirements.

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