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What is Certification

The SAS Certified Professional Program was created to recognise SAS software users who can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of SAS software. We are proud to offer the SAS Certified Professional Program — developed according to defined international standards and based on survey results and feedback from our users.

SAS' goals for the program include:

  • establishing a universal standard for measuring SAS software knowledge
  • developing an internationally recognised certification program
  • increasing the level of SAS software knowledge in the marketplace.

SAS offers five globally recognised certifications. Designed in tracks, each certification requires the successful completion of one or more exams to earn a credential.


photo Set Yourself Apart 
Become More  

With a professional certification from SAS you will set yourself apart from the competition by earning the only globally-recognized credential endorsed by SAS. Put your SAS skills to the test today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

  • Increases your career opportunities and marketability
  • Enhances your credibility as a technical professional
  • Assesses your knowledge of SAS software
  • Allows you to earn industry validation for your knowledge.

Learn more on the U.S. site.

photo Hire Qualified Employees 
Demand More  

Hiring a candidate with SAS credentials means you're getting a qualified professional with proven proficiency in SAS. Not to mention that it's proven to increase individual productivity levels.

  • Help managers differentiate the most qualified technical professionals and attract the brightest.
  • By measuring an employee's knowledge of SAS software, you'll retain the best.
  • SAS Certification increases individual and workgroup productivity levels, which will maximize the value of your workforce.

Learn more on the U.S. site.