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Custom Events Programme (Onsite Education)

Value Proposition

Designed and delivered by SASĀ® experts; a custom event provides a cost-effective and flexible way of educating your staff. Custom events can be tailored to your requirements and be held either at your premises or one of our education centres.

Service Description

A custom event can take the form of a bespoke course, workshop or seminar. All can combine lectures, software demonstrations, hands-on computer workshops, course notes and, if required, room set-up.

A custom event can be held at your premises, at one of our education centres in Marlow, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin, or in a third-party's location. All of our centres are equipped with the latest technology, and provide refreshments and quality catering. Prior to a custom event, one of our consultants will undertake a learning needs assessment if appropriate.

Each custom event is taught by a SAS and Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) accredited technical and education expert. Topics can be tailored to your requirements or we can run a standard course just for your staff. After the event, one of our consultants will conduct a post-event evaluation. In 2004, SAS Education was awarded the coveted LPI Gold Standard award which it still holds in 2012.

Key Benefits


Content can be tailored to your requirements. Alternatively, we can deliver standard material.


We can use your data, or provide standard files.


Custom events can be held at a time and location to suit you. We can also tailor our events for specific delegate numbers.


To make sure your event runs as smoothly and effectively as possible our consultants will, where appropriate, undertake a learning needs assessment in advance of the event, and an evaluation after the event.

Service Activities

During the event, delegates will:

  • Take part in interactive lectures and discussions
  • Undertake practical exercises designed to re-enforce the topics covered
  • Network with other delegates and SAS staff.

Service Deliverables

Each custom event provides:

  • A SAS and LPI accredited lecturer
  • Tailored course notes and exercises (where requested)
  • Hands-on workshops
  • A pre-event learning needs assessment (where appropriate)
  • A post-event evaluation

Estimated Duration

A custom event can take anything from a half day to a full week depending upon your specifi c requirements. Please contact us for details.

Estimated Price

Please contact us for details.

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The SAS Advantage

We understand and can apply SAS technology better than anyone else. Our development expertise spans three decades, and our experience with customers around the world is unrivalled. You can rest assured that with every engagement, our methodologies and best practices will deliver tangible results for your organisation.

Our latest release, SASĀ®9, set new standards for integrated software, taking business decision making to new levels of sophistication. Tailored interfaces are aligned with the different needs and skills of individual users, reducing the complexity of sharing data and applications across the organisation while ensuring information is presented in the right business context for maximum productivity.

Now, with the Custom Events Programme, you can arrange affordable and flexible courses, workshops or seminars for your employees.