Accelerate your manufacturing transformation
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Industry 4.0

You are looking for results: improved plant efficiency, increased product quality and maximized yield, to name a few.

With analytics you can exploit data and accelerate time to value. We can help you build and deploy models fast and scale them across the globe. Your data together with advanced analytics is key to better decisions.

Who is SAS?

Introduction to SAS
SAS is the leader in analytics with over four decades of expertise. We help to turn huge amounts of complex data into knowledge you can use. With SAS, you can apply the most advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and AI solutions to your toughest business problems. Identify what’s working and fix what isn’t. Make more intelligent decisions. And drive relevant change.

Why SAS is relevant to Manufacturing organizations
Manufacturers can move from reactive to proactive with scalable data integration and advanced analytics. Analytics is the way to utilize IoT to predict, detect, prevent and resolve quality and reliability issues. The strong data management and analytics solutions ensure the success of your connected factory, IoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives. We help you adopt a decision framework that guides your approach to analytics.

Read more: “Who is SAS Manufacturing edition”

Find out your Industrial Analytics maturity level

Take a test to determine on which step you are in your transformation journey. Get recommendations to improve your business.

How we can help

Innovative technologies for manufacturing success

We help you manage and analyze your industrial IoT (IIoT) data where, when and how it works best for your business. Traditional approaches – Six Sigma, line-level reporting, MES systems – are no longer sufficient for gaining insights from data to improve decision making. AI enables you to automate complicated tasks and find useful signals in data that was previously too large or complex to tackle.

Put AI and IoT together and you get the Artificial Intelligence of Things, or AIoT – a revolutionary combination that according to our study helps to transform the industry, elevate customer experiences and accelerate business performance exponentially.

Read more about IoT and AIoT bring value to your industry.

The Internet of Things: Understanding the Adventure

This guide is here to help you with insights to accelerate your IoT Journey, whether you are exploring the IoT’s potential or actively planning your organization’s journey 

AIOT: How IoT Leaders Are Breaking Away

We asked 450 business leaders about the impact of artificial intelligence combined with the Internet of Things. According to the study respondents, AIoT capabilities are already generating results.

Accelerate and improve business outcomes with AIoT

There’s no question that the Internet of Things (IoT) brings immense value to organizations, but understanding the rich data coming from the IoT is only the beginning.

5 Steps to Accelerate Value From Your Industrial IoT Data

This e-book e-book describes how to craft a comprehensive IIoT strategy, what to look for in an edge-to-enterprise analytics solution, and how to evaluate IIoT solutions.

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Welcome to the empowered cloud
SAS & Microsoft are joining forces.

Analytics in the Cloud
Better decisions faster – in the cloud.

SAS® Viya®
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Virtual events


Demystifying Advanced Analytics in Manufacturing
Build your company’s digital capabilities and empower people

What actual value Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT) can bring to your organization? Maybe you have already experimented with advanced analytics, but your analytics model never made it out of the lab?

Our manufacturing experts help you understand and assess the potential of your AI and advanced analytics potential better. You get an introduction to our methodology to go from vision to value.


Yield Prediction Demo with SAS
Predict and optimize yield in manufacturing processes with advanced analytics

Increasing yield is one of the critical issues in process manufacturing. Advanced analytics gives you powerful tools to work with data and build models to predict and optimize yield. Models are useless if they are not taken into action. Connecting IT and Analytics departments is key to successful cooperation in deployment.

In the demo you can see how to go from development to deployment of models using our analytics lifecycle path to make sure every step and action needed is taken care of.


CI in Automotive
January 28 – March 4 - April 15 - 17:00 -17:30 CET

The automotive industry is undergoing massive changes. In these uncertain times, it is imperative to rely on strong partners to face the challenges of the upcoming years. Hear from Batten & Company, a leading strategic sales & marketing consultancy and SAS, a leading marketing technology provider in three episodes about best practices and solutions which will help you shaping the future of customer experience in automotive.

Episode 1: Facing the new marketing complexity – Plan and control the marketing ecosystem
Episode 2: Selling cars in the new normal – industry and customer trends
Episode 3: The connected car – how to continuously engage customers


Analytics Small Talk
March 24 • 16:00 CET • Cost: Complimentary

Since 2013, Euramax relies on SAS data & analytics capabilities to empower its employees 24/7 with visual data explorations. To take their processes to a next level of performance based on predictive analytics, SAS offers a 3-day assessment to explore new analytics initiatives and calculate the impact.

Join this webinar to understand how this 3-day analytics assessment can be a jumpstart to a data-driven organization for your organization as well.


Smart Factory in a Box
Combine the power of data science and your manufacturing expertise to jumpstart your analytics journey

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and internet of things (IoT) can bring huge value to your organization. But how do you turn the hype into a scalable model that transforms your operations and improves your bottom line profit? A successful journey combines the best of both worlds. This means defining the right methodology, teaming up with data-savvy employees and implementing customizable technology.

Our manufacturing experts introduce you to a real installation that is performing poorly. Your challenge is to improve its current poor performance during a series of hands-on analytic assignments.

On-demand webinars & podcasts


SAS UKI Forum Virtual
Forum Resources | SAS® Forum UK & Ireland 2020

Cost: Complimentary


Analytics Small Talk
Ensure continuous value of your AI investment for your manufacturing processes.

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SAS Forum Nordics Virtual
Discovery Hub On-Demand videos | SAS® Forum Nordics 2020

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Podcast series with IDC
The impact of Artificial Intelligence combined with the Internet of Things

Download the recording of the first two audio podcasts. A third will follow soon.


SAS Global Forum Executive Connection
Executive Connection Reimagine | SAS

Cost: Complimentary


IoTSWC Digital Summit
AI in manufacturing – how to drive sustainable value at scale.
Use case “Digital transformation of the steel industry”.

Cost: Complimentary

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