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Today's manufacturing leaders are visionaries, pioneering increasingly efficient methods to produce and move physical goods while thinking beyond productivity, cost savings and risk reduction. Future survival will require manufacturers to become nimble, AI-driven organizations that minimize risk and seize opportunities through deep operational insights and confident decision making. Manufacturing analytics solutions from SAS enable you to tune production operations for minimal cost and risk while capitalizing on data as an asset that helps you deliver innovative services and quality products possible only in the connected economy. We deliver proven value. And we can help you unlock the immense potential of your digital transformation.

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Digitalization brings more efficiency to manufacturing processes, supply chain performance and product innovation.

At SAS we help make your journey towards Industry 4.0  much simpler. Your IoT data together with advanced analytics is key to improved plant efficiency, increased product quality and maximized yield.

To get the value from your analytics models you need to be sure they are being deployed, get into production and are scalable.


SAS & Microsoft are joining forces.

To redefine the future of analytics in the cloud and accelerate the power of AI for everyone.


COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the industry.

SAS can help you adapt to today's challenges and plan for the future.

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Analytics can contribute a lot to process manufacturing. It can really help to optimize business-critical goals like yield, product quality, throughput, and energy consumption.

Improve manufacturing quality

Connected Factory and Industry 4.0 initiatives require strong data management and analytics to be successful. Read more about improving quality and productivity in your business.

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Getting the most from analytics on the edge

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