Automotive marketing in a fast-changing environment
Shape the future of customer experience in automotive

Three episodes

The automotive industry is undergoing massive changes – new technologies are questioning the traditional motors which were around for decades, the manufacturing process has to be reinvented, new competitors are disrupting established players to the customers and as if this would not be enough the COVID crisis has created additional turmoil!

In these uncertain times, it is imperative to rely on strong partners to face the challenges of the upcoming years. The new marketing ecosystem, new distribution networks and the continuous customer engagement are here to stay – and we can help you tackling this challenge. Hear from Batten & Company, a leading strategic sales & marketing consultancy and SAS, a leading marketing technology provider about best practices and solutions which will help you shaping the future of customer experience in automotive.



3 dates

3 key areas

Each 30 minutes

To the point




Do´s and Don´ts



New impulses

Opinions and experiences




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Episode 1: Facing the new marketing complexity – Plan and control the marketing ecosystem


  • Dr. Christian von Thaden, CEO Batten & Company
    • New challenges in the diverse marketing ecosystem for automotive companies
    • How does the model look like?
    • Do’s and don’ts and need for an operating system
  • Manuel Tönz, CEA SAS
    • Planning and collaboration within one tool
    • Measuring of KPIs including usage of channels, success of campaigns, attribution etc.


Episode 2: Selling cars in the new normal – industry and customer trends


  • Dr. Christian von Thaden, CEO Batten & Company
    • Changes in the automotive sales and what the drivers are
    • Definition of clear customer personas & journeys
    • The value chain of marketing – The important building blocks
  • Mike Turner, Principal Business Advisor Customer Intelligence, SAS
    • One in three customers would ditch a company after only one bad customer experience – Are you ready for this?
    • Connecting the OmniChannel game
    • Attribution modelling – what touchpoint is driving your conversion


Episode 3: The connected car – how to continuously engage customers


  • Dr. Christian von Thaden, CEO Batten & Company
    • The in-App economy – A game changer for the connected private cars
    • Management of the customer lifetime cycle
    • Personalized user experience
  • Mike Turner, Principal Business Advisor Customer Intelligence, SAS
    • Customer decisioning in real time
    • Combine customer analytics and business rules
    • Embed the logic in the customer experience

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