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Thriving in a digital health era:
The race to responsibly adopt AI in health and pharma

Many initiatives implemented in response to COVID-19 will become lasting trends that create more resilient and innovative life sciences and healthcare organizations. Tune in to this panel discussion to reflect on  data-driven convergence powering AI adoption in health and life sciences.


Discussion triggers

  1. What analytics-driven achievements in the space of health and life sciences in the past 18 months have you found most impressive?
  2. How have these recent experiences influenced progress towards patient-centricity?
  3. Data played a key role in the speed of drug development, distribution, and patient engagement. How will this influence thinking on the convergence between health and life sciences?
  4. With the war for talent and the “great resignation”, how can organizations transform their approach to employee health and wellness programs into a corporate differentiator?
  5. Data from smart watches are sometimes referred to as ‘the largest clinical trials’ we have seen. How will this shape our thinking on data ownership versus “right to use”?
  6. How is cloud influencing adoption of AI and automation?

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