Data Literacy in Practice

The explosion of generative AI has accelerated the need for data literacy. Join this #SASchat to explore resources available to help professionals arm themselves with data skills that are no longer a nice-to-have skill but a must-have in any field.


Discussion triggers

  1. What comes to mind when you hear the term data literacy? How does this apply in today’s business and public service context?
  2. How does data literacy relate to democratization of AI?
  3. Why is it important to provide a range of options for professionals to acquire data awareness, confidence and skills?
  4. What are some of the examples of how non-data professional can become more data savvy?
  5. What are the barriers to data literacy for all?

Past panel discussions on topic


How is inflation highlighting gaps in data literacy?

Join #saschat on #InternationalLiteracyDay and explore how data literacy is critical to understanding important current events, like inflation, which have significant impact on our daily lives.


Seasonal schools on the path to democratization of AI

Self-service by domain experts and line-of-business users is one of the answers to solving the data science skills shortage. This panel will reflect on the experience of SAS Seasonal Schools in the path to democratization of AI.


Data Literacy in the Classroom

Data literacy is emerging as an essential skill to understand our data-rich world and make it a better place. Join to discuss the importance of integrating data literacy in the classroom.


How to Solve The Data Science Skills Shortage

There are simply not enough data professionals to support the AI, machine learning and analytics initiatives being launched. Join this panel to explore strategies to address the data science skills shortage.

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