How is inflation highlighting gaps in data literacy? 

Join #saschat on #InternationalLiteracyDay and explore how data literacy is critical to understanding important current events, like inflation, which have significant impact on our daily lives.  

Discussion triggers

  1. Reflecting on the past three years, which topics or trends in the news have you seen subject to misinformation and caused confusion?
  2. Thinking specifically about inflation, what concepts have you noticed as potentially misunderstood? How would data literacy skills help people better understand these concepts?
  3. How does inflation impact different people in the world? Why is it critical that everyone have the skills to understand inflation to make informed decisions?
  4. Data literacy is often described on a continuum; the data skills a data scientist needs are different than a third grader. Where would you map inflation along the data literacy continuum?
  5. What are your recommendations for anyone wishing to improve their data literacy skills in general, and about inflation specifically?

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