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Insurance Analytics @ Scale Webinar Series

Conversations with insurance executives on unlocking industry success with analytics

"This is an important topic, because analytics is the next competitive advantage in the insurance industry."

Jonathan Kalman • Co-Founder and General Partner • Eos Venture Partners

Featured Webinars

Using AI to Build a Better Insurance Industry


Discover how AI is transforming the insurance industry through automation, optimization and innovation.

Advanced Analytics: The Chief Risk Officer’s Perspective


Explore insurance risks and solutions in this webinar as we hear the CRO’s perspective on AI pitfalls, tech risks and effective communication strategies.

Advanced Analytics: Walk in the Insurance Regulator’s Shoes


Dive into the regulatory world of AI in insurance as we explore insights on collaboration strategies and future trends in AI regulation.

Advanced Analytics: Insurers’ Fiduciary Responsibilities


Learn how to navigate the complex intersection of AI and insurance responsibilities and get insights into regulations, duties of care and future trends.

Advanced Analytics: Generative AI for the Insurance Industry


Get expert advice for navigating the critical issues of explainability and transparency in AI.

AI and the Board: Bias, Control and Trust


Learn how boards can respond to the AI issues of bias, control, and trust for the best outcomes.

Generative AI: A View From the Business


Discover how Gen AI is changing the insurance industry and get expert tips for successful implementation.

Generative AI: What Boards of Directors Should Consider


Gain insight into the measures and strategies for boards to assess and manage the impact of Gen AI.

Insuring the World’s Food Supply: How Analytics Is Changing Agricultural Insurance


Learn how advanced analytics is impacting the agricultural insurance market and supply chain risk.

Industry Experts and Webinar Hosts

Jonathan Kalman

Jonathan Kalman
Co-Founder and General Partner,
Eos Venture Partners

Fitz Fitzgerald

Fitz Fitzgerald
Advisory Insurance Consultant, SAS

Expert Presenters

Bryson Koehler

Bryson Koehler
Chief Product, Data, Analytics and Technology Officer, Equifax

Peter Miller

Peter L. Miller, CPCU
President and CEO, The Institutes

Ari Moskowitz

Ari Moskowitz
Group Chief Risk Officer, Everest

Marvin Pestcoe

Marvin Pestcoe, FCAS
Board Member, Hamilton Insurance
Board Member, Catalina Insurance

Bob Pick

Robert L. Pick
EVP and CIO,
Tokio Marine North America

Lysa Porth

Dr. Lysa Porth
President and CEO,
AIRM Consulting

Jose Ribeiro

Jose Ribeiro
Chairman of the Board,
Starr Insurance Companies