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How to use your prepaid FANS tickets to SAS Innovate 2024 in Las Vegas

How to use your prepaid FANS tickets to SAS Innovate 2024

This year, SAS Innovate is for everyone. Whether you are a SAS user/practitioner, manager, executive, or partner, this event is THE place to be in 2024.

If you/your company has a FANS Premium membership, you have prepaid tickets to SAS Innovate through your 2024 membership:

  • Company members:                              5 tickets
  • Partner members (Norway only):        7 tickets
  • Personal members:                                1 ticket

SAS  must purchase these tickets and get a code to waive/remove the ticket fee in the registration form (conference fee only). We will share those codes with you for your registration.

To understand how many tickets we should purchase per country, please get back to the FANS team as soon as possible with your feedback:

Frans Holm
Nordic User Group Manager 
+45 51 38 76 46
Pietari Koskela
Nordic User Group Manager
+358 50 34 45 937
Pia Rønnevik
Nordic User Group Manager
+47 950 56 793
Daniel Ringqvist
Nordic User Group Manager 
+46 72 72 49 320
Nordic Marketing
Bettina Stibolt
Marketing Program Lead 
+47 91 71 36 69

After contacting SAS FANS and having your code ready, you can register and plan your trip. FANS only cover the conference ticket, not transportation or hotel. However, we will invite you for a joint Nordic Dinner and potentially a sightseeing tour while you’re there.