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Get 1:1 time with our SAS Experts

Keep on top of your SAS skills, and get a taste for what's possible with SAS in conversations with our Experts!

As a FANS member, you can get one-on-one time with SAS experts across several technical topics with our SAS 'Meet the Expert' program.

The program will provide guidance and support for all FANS SAS users, with experts across SAS offering FREE 30-minute technical sessions to expand your knowledge and improve your SAS skills.

Whether you need to take a new approach, explore new SAS capabilities, or tackle extraordinary challenges, our SAS experts will help you speed. Choose from a range of technical areas and take a deeper dive with our professionals, as they help you master essential SAS skills and show you what's possible with SAS in the future.

Booking your session is easy - fill out the contact form and select the topic(s) you want to book and submit. We will be in touch to confirm the date and time of your session.

Meet the Expert 30-minute available sessions:

  • SAS Code - Troubleshooting & Optimising 
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360
  • SAS Visual Analytics
  • CAS Programming in SAS Viya
  • SAS Platform Administration
  • SAS Data Management and DI Studio
  • SAS Enterprise Guide 
  • SAS Studio
  • SAS Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning
  • SAS Architecture & Administration

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 SAS Code - Trouble-shooting & Optimising
 SAS Customer Intelligence 360
 SAS Visual Analytics
 CAS Programming in SAS Viya
 SAS Platform Administration
 SAS Data Management and DI Studio
 SAS Enterprise Guide
 SAS Studio
 SAS Analytics, AI and Machine Learning
 SAS Architecture & Administration
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