About the Hackathon

We’re bringing together the brightest minds from around the world to use analytics, AI and open source to compete in this one-of-a-kind hackathon.

A big takeaway from the 2020 Hackathon and 2019 Hackathon challenges is that analytics plays a major role in tackling real-world problems, such as humanitarian or business issues. We are excited to announce that we are expanding the Hackathon in 2021 to bring together teams from different regions, backgrounds and skills to collaborate and come up with innovative solutions to problems worth solving.

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Engage with the Hackathon

A SAS® community just for you

Collaborate with fellow hackers – from experienced data scientists to novices to technology partners and SAS experts – on all things Hackathon.

Visit communities.sas.com (set up a profile) then subscribe to Hacker’s Hub, a special community designed for the Hackathon. In this community, you’ll see teams and mentors working together, and the excitement that comes from tackling problems worth solving.

Real-time collaboration

Ideas flow freely (and fast) on this Twitter feed! Join the weekly, informal conversation to get a sneak peek at a Hackathon topic related to the tracks.

Don’t worry if you miss a #SASchat, we’ve got you covered. We capture the conversations in Twitter Moments, so you’ll never miss out!

The Team Behind the Scene

Diversity is key to producing a global hackathon. Our team represents a wide variety of disciplines and professional experiences. This is the crew that makes things hackin’ and moving forward!

Einar Halvorsen
Hackathon Producer

Peter Lundqvist
Hackathon Director

Bas Belfi

Chris Hemedinger

Cynthia Rowe

Frederik Vanderberghe

Hans Edert

Kate Ulveling

Mark Morreale

Matt Cali

Thiago de Souza

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Taking innovation to society and the marketplace 

Our commitment to innovation is strong and pervasive in everything we do. SAS Vector Labs delivers on that promise. We help SAS customers, partners, entrepreneurs and startups take their novel ideas – ones that disrupt and change business as usual or complement the overall organizational needs – and turn them into practical applications and products.