Together we can improve sustainability

EMEA Hackathon  in SAS® Viya® 2020

In association with Intel

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Most Welcome to our 2020 Hackathon!

Oliver Schabenberger
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer SAS

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Competition Details

Do you have a talent for analyzing data, a passion for sustainability and curiosity for discovering answers and a love for predicting outcomes that are hidden in the data? Would you like to get direct access to the SAS® Viya® in the cloud?

SAS arranges the hackathon competition “Together we can improve sustainability” in association with Intel. The hackathon is open for SAS partners, in teams with customers and students. We invite partners to demonstrate the value of analytics and open data combined with SAS and open source. Use the power of teamwork and bring in different skill sets from your own organization, your customers and students.. We would like to invite you to demonstrate the value of analysis, open data combined with SAS and open source. To use the power of Team work between different skill sets within your organization and your customers.

SAS provides the Viya® software in any of the big public cloud vendors, Azure, Google or AWS cloud for easy access. Add your creativity, skills and data, and build your sustainability showcase based on SAS Advanced Analytics Software and open source.

SAS offers enablement for your team before the hackathon competition starts. In a series of webinars you will meet subject matter experts and have the opportunity to explore the product building blocks in the competition.

Important DatesOverview
2019-12-01 > 2019-12-31Prepare your team.
Registration is now closed.
2020-01-05 > 2020-01-31Enablement of your team - Webinars 
SAS software products: Visual analytics, visual statistics, visual data mining & machine learning, Event stream processing, SAS and Open source. Social selling and prepare a video.
2020-02-01 > 2020-02-28Hackathon competition starts 
+Make your recordings 3min & 15min showcase presentation
2020-03-06 > 2020-03-08Voting and announcement of the Winner 
2020-03-29 > 2020-04-01Winner - SAS® Global Forum 2020 | Washington DC
Nordic Forums
Winners in the Nordics will join the Nordic SAS Fourms

Some conditions:

  • The Partner organization is in lead and responsible for all engagements with SAS (single point of contact).
  • Partners are responsible for the use case, data and all team members (including customers and students).
  • The engagement with potential customer organizations and students, will be managed by the respective Partner.
  • The use case must be “new” for the SAS community, or set a new standard – e.g. new code algorithms must be produced.

Who wins?

By the deadline of the hackathon, each team will submit their video recordings of their use case  – one 15 minutes longer version and one 3 minutes long. Both versions will be uploaded to this website.
There are two Hackathon Competition series: Nordic respectively EMEA, with one winner in each series.

We have engaged an expert panel as jury who will look to

The winners will get 2 seats to our SAS Global Forum in Washington, US in March 2020, including travel and accommodation.

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