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February 21st
Four Season Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

SAS Analytics Summit

Bring the Analytics Economy and AI in Action 

Data has exploded, and the ability to harness that data is accessible to more people, fueled not only by advances in connectivity and compute power, but through collaborative analytics. The analytics economy is the next era of analytics. 

As data and enterprise environments continue to become more complex and varied, your analytics needs to scale across data, analytics methods, users, and business problems. Whether it is implementing artificial intelligence, improving your supply chain, analyze real-time operational data or understanding your customer - data is key to success and should be the catalyst to many strategic and tactical decisions. The SAS platform addresses the growing diversity of needs to foster collaboration in data-driven organizations, and promotes governance and trust through every phase of the analytics life cycle.

Join us at SAS Analytics Summit in Riyadh on February 21st, 2018 to meet your peers, thought leaders, and SAS experts. Topics will include journey to artificial intelligence, machine learning, how AI will improve customer experience and how innovation through analytics is possible. You will have the chance to hear from valued speakers including some leading SAS customers.


Cenk Serdar, Senior Vice President, Consumer (Chief Consumer Officer), STC and more

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Four Seasons Hotel
Kingdom Tower, Al Olaya 
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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