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February 21st
Four Season Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Paradise Found - Machine Learning 

How do you find the best place
in the world? The place where paradisiacal conditions prevail in every respect
which is also the optimal location, the most interesting holiday destination
and the most beautiful place to live. This is only possible with machine
learning and advanced analytics. The search mechanism is based on more than 5
million data points from 1,124 different data sources. We analyzed 148,233
places in 193 countries using Advanced Analytics based on SAS Viya to find
patterns that define the analytically best place in the world

Race - Dynamic Insurance Premium Game

A unique opportunity to participate in car model racing integrated with the SAS IoT Analytics software. Participants in the race will be able to observe in
real-time how their driving style dynamically affects the amount of the
insurance premium and gain the bonuses. The Internet of Things, and in a
special way, telematics are available here and now, at your fingertips. Thanks
to the SAS software, they can be easily integrated and used, enriching the data
sources available in the organization.

SAS Analytics Virtual Reality Experience

Enter the virtual world to see real world examples of how data and analytics can bring better assortment, optimized inventory, effective promotions as well as helps
identifying key customers and monitor overall health of the organization.
Demonstration includes multiple use cases of SAS analytics illustrated on case
of Retail industry.


During this demo session you will have the chance to:

• Explore, Discover & Analyze Personal Data

• Visualize Personal Data Identification results

• Acquire info on a Data Asset regarding its business context, usage and responsible parties, along with visualization of links between business and technical objects • Define business terms in order to align Business, Legal, Compliance and IT in their understanding.

• Proceed to remediation actions to review associations between items.

SAS Viya – a New Generation
Analytical Platform 

Experience SAS Viya to see how customers can traverse the complete analytical lifecycle seamlessly with one consistent user experience. Prepare, visualize, analyze data and apply your insights directly to business processes – all of this from one application. This unified approach helps customers reduce uncertainty, enhance accuracy, and optimize analytical efforts to generate greater revenue and/or performance. Viya allows users to easily collaborate with others, everyone is working on the same enhanced data, and new insights are quickly found.

Insurance Claim Fraud

In today’s fast changing credit dynamics, there are many new ways of credit applications. Long gone are the days when credit was only in the shape of First party applications. Today credit applications can be extended even remotely via phone, cards, subscriptions or even non-banking interfaces such as insurance schemes and may cause monetary and reputational losses to the lenders. Find out how financial and non-financial institutions can detect fraudsters when they make illicit credit applications and reduce false positives while enhancing customer experience.

Management for hadoop

In today's world we are in a world of Big data that requires a very fast understanding of our data in order to respond to our market in time. We are faced with huge volumes of often, dirty data and a gap in skills needed to access and manage data. SAS Data Loader for hadoop helps organizations tackle the Hadoop skills shortage. Business uses can access, prepare, and cleanse data through an intuitive user interface that requies no coding. Data scientinst and power users can edit and run the codes themselves. What's more, these processes are run inside Hadoop for improved performance.