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Data Scientists in Health Care

Every aspect of the vital health industry has taken on special importance in a global pandemic. We are so pleased to feature examples of the big impact that a data scientist can have when given the freedom to innovate, as explained in these cases from the Cleveland Clinic, the COPD Foundation and at Mercy.

Mike Bromley
Michael Bromley is a Data Scientist at the Cleveland Clinic that works with machine learning and analytics to inform the hospitals’ decision making and help point the organization towards a more analytically mature future. Michael has contributed to the deployment of numerous tools and projection models and has presented his work at numerous industry conferences.

Danielle Boyce
Danielle Boyce is the COPD Foundation’s Senior Research Data Analyst, with 25 years of experience in the data science field, including more than a decade as a data analyst at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She is the author of dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and has significant regulatory and industry consulting experience.

John Urwin
John Urwin is a Data Scientist who works on a variety of projects to help the Cleveland Clinic apply analytics and machine learning to decision making. With a background in Economics and Finance, he has played a key role in helping the organization understand realized revenue from payers and patients, patient risk, and forecasts of key metrics.

Chelsea West
Chelsea West is a Senior Data Scientist on the Enterprise Data Science team at Mercy, where she provides data driven analytical insight to clinical operations, perioperative and nursing leadership to help improve operational efficiencies and patient outcomes. Chelsea also serves on several regional COVID-19 industry initiatives.

Health Care innovation in action

Using NLP to improve communications and service
Danielle Boyce, COPD Foundation

Optimizing medical resources in the face of COVID-19
Michael Bromley, Cleveland Clinic

Predicting admissions likelihood from emergency department
Chelsea West, Mercy

Machine Learning in Health Care
John Urwin, Cleveland Clinic

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