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Hackathons spark friendly competition – and life-changing ideas. From saving coral reefs to helping shoppers choose checkout lanes, these case studies prove what happens when technology meets talent.

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  • John Urwin is a data scientist who works on a variety of projects to help the Cleveland Clinic apply analytics and machine learning to decision making.

  • Cheryl Bolchoz is a biostatistician with the South Carolina Department of Corrections, where she developed a dynamic model to analyze inmate behavior and predict acts of violence.

  • Ashley Piper, who has a background in insurance pricing, develops machine learning models that can revolutionize how claims are settled and insurance fraud is tackled.

  • Qais Hatim, an expert in industrial engineering, advanced statistical modeling, machine learning, data analytics and operational research, is a data scientist at the US Food and Drug Administration.


Learn how SAS® Viya® works with open source.

This webinar, But I Love Open Source – Why Do I Need SAS Viya?, explains how SAS improves interoperability and utility for the enterprise and incorporates open source across analytics capabilities.


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Analytic Innovation Through SAS and Open Source Integration provides more specifics on using SAS with open source.


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