Resources to hack problems
worth solving

Hackathons have been popular with problem solvers for over a decade. Beyond the rush of the immediate prize at the end of the event, hackers are now looking for longer term viability. What tools, skills and other resources could hackathons provide to improve the production success of problems solved? Hear from this panel of hackathon producers on what’s coming. 


Discussion triggers

  1. Looking back over the past 12 months, which hackathons have you tracked as most impressive, and why?
  2. #HackinSAS is a hybrid of hackathons and innovation acceleration. What additional support do you anticipate teams needing?
  3. How has the hack platform provisioned to foster greater creativity?
  4. What design principles have guided the enablement curriculum design?
  5. Where do you expect mentors to play the biggest role?
  6. How is the Hackers Hub and Concierge desk expected to supplement tools, enablement and mentors?

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