Making digital schooling work
for everyone

Delivering education to primary and secondary schoolers in the midst of social distancing has highlighted how unprepared we were for the digital education journey.  Technology was the easy fix. Engagement and assessment proved the harder challenge. Tune in to our panelists’ views on the ways analytics can support students, parents, educators and society towards better education outcomes. 


Discussion triggers

  1. Based on your personal experience with remote schooling these past 12 months, where do you see the need for digital transformation in our education systems?
  2. How do you think remote delivery could be improved? 
  3. How does educator(teacher) training need to change to prepare them for mixed education delivery?
  4. How should assessments/testing evolve to accommodate modern needs?
  5. What can employers do to support parent employees who need to support remote learning for their children?
  6. How can analytics help?

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