Innovating with #AIoT for better outcomes

AI and IoT is a natural pairing. And we now have evidence that the connection goes deeper. From customer, patient and citizen experience to the factory of the future, organisations that have linked AI to the IoT are more competitive and efficient than those using the IoT alone. Join this #SASchat to explore how #HackinSAS teams have used #AIoT to deliver better outcomes. 


Discussion triggers

  1. What recent IoT related developments are you most excited about, and why?
  2. What innovative use cases have you seen lately for IoT-driven digital transformation?
  3. What are the critical skills, tools and approaches needed for successful adoption of IoT-led digital transformation?
  4. How will cases developed at the SAS global hackathon help drive IoT innovation across industries?
  5. What are the barriers that need to be overcome for analytics-driven IoT digital transformation to proliferate?

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