Accelerating 3 P’s in health analytics: patient-centric, predictive and proactive

It has been said that crisis breeds innovation. With the challenges faced by health systems today, can we accelerate digital transformation to truly achieve patient-centric care that is predictive and proactive?

Join this #SASchat to discuss opportunities and obstacles in health analytics. Let’s work together to identify innovations that we can deliver together that improve health outcomes for individuals and populations. 


Panel discussion trigger questions

  • As we close a remarkable 2020, what are the key healthcare lessons we can take away?
  • Proactively managing health includes risk identification, disease prediction and outcome optimization. Which is the most difficult and why?
  • How has our understanding of social determinants changed over the past year? What are tangible non-health data that health analysts should be using  for predictive modelling?
  • In which therapeutic areas do we have enough data to predict diseases?
  • With more data from wearable devices, remote patient monitoring, and real-time vitals, does this expand our scope of possibility or provide more barriers?
  • What have you seen achieved in hackathons? What are the challenges in healthcare that a hackathon can solve?

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