IoT for good

From improving communities and infrastructure, to helping battle the effects of climate change, to improving healthcare outcomes and creating a more resilient food supply chain, IoT is impacting daily lives for the better . SAS is at the forefront of these innovations and continues to lead the way in developing solutions that solve critical issues facing the world today.

Discussion triggers

  1. How is IoT improving the lives of people around the world today? How will it be used in the future?
  2. IoT has been cited to help people prepare and predict the effects of climate change. Are there any case studies out there today that model this?
  3. How do communities with limited means take advantage of IoT to improve the lives of their citizens? Is connectivity and sensor cost a barrier to entry?
  4. How important is analytics in the IoT discussion?
  5. The SAS Hackathon is right around the corner and there’s an IoT Track. Can you tell us about the use cases they are trying to solve?

Past panel discussions on topic


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AI and IoT is a natural pairing. And we now have evidence that the connection goes deeper. From customer, patient and citizen experience to the factory of the future, companies that have linked AI to the IoT are more competitive and efficient than those using the IoT alone. Join this #SASchat to explore how #AIoT can be designed to deliver better outcomes.


Transforming business models with 5G

The move to 5G is a giant leap in terms of network infrastructure and investment. It is arguably a larger leap in transforming business models. Hear from our panel how savvy teams are already thinking of supercharging their AIoT approaches.


AgTech for sustainable farming

Growers and agribusiness leaders are recognizing the potential for uncovering breakthroughs – on soil health, plant genomics, livestock management and faster development of new technologies – hidden in big data. Join this panel to explore how agriculture analytics can lead to better plant and animal health, crop yields, and sustainable practices.


Mentoring hackathon teams and scoring impact

Hackathons energize innovation. Join this panel of mentors and judges at #SASHackathon to hear how impact was nurtured and evaluated.

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