The Connected World: #AI and #IoT for Digital Transformation

AI and IoT is a natural pairing. And we now have evidence that the connection goes deeper. From customer, patient and citizen experience to the factory of the future, companies that have linked AI to the IoT are more competitive and efficient than those using the IoT alone. Join this #SASchat to explore how #AIoT can be designed to deliver better outcomes. 


Discussion focus

  • How has the way you have lived and worked this last year been affected or improved by #AIoT? 
  • CES Digital starts next week. Where do you think the most interesting advances in #AIoT will be demonstrated?
  • What are the most frequent #AIoT deployment challenges you have seen?
  • What can different industries learn from each other on the maturity of streaming analytics and AI as an enabler?
  • What challenge would you most want to see attempted if you were entering an IoT Hackathon?

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