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Life sciences organizations need increased performance from data and analytics to adapt to the shift toward more personalized therapies and precision medicine. SAS Viya's lightning-fast processing speeds, advanced analytics capabilities, and unparalleled computing power are changing the game.

From improving open-source capabilities, to ensuring compliance and accuracy, SAS continues to work with organizations just like yours to enable stronger, better outcomes in pharma data and analytics.

You could be getting more value from your data with next-generation analytics for clinical research. SAS can help you implement AI, machine learning, cloud computing, simulation and more advanced analytics techniques that let you:

  • Modernize clinical trials and improve operational efficiency
  • Drive value from real-world data and improve patient lives
  • Take your analytics to the cloud and scale for complex simulations and big data computations
  • Democratize access to data and analytics within your organization
  • Enable valid, robust strategies across both open source and closed loop systems

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Visit Us at BiotechX EU in Booth 905

Join our presentation on October 4th

AI in Drug Discovery: Where are we really?

October 4 | 12.45 p.m. | Digital Transformation Stream

Kayt Leonard

Andrea Beccari
Senior Director EXSCALATE at Dompé

Naquan Ishman

Soundarya Palanisamy
Sr Industry Advisor, Health & Life Sciences Practice at SAS

Artificial intelligence has been making inroads in drug discovery for a good part of the last decade. Given the transformative potential of AI, pharma companies are all in to invest for a future in which AI is routinely used in drug discovery.

Traditional drug discovery methods are time-consuming, resource-intensive, and often reliant on trial-and-error experimentation. The emergence of AI has revolutionized this paradigm empowering researchers with enhanced decision-making tools, enabling them to analyze vast datasets, extract valuable insights, and predict potential drug candidates with remarkable precision.

Drugs off-target interactions are one of the main reasons of candidate failure in the drug discovery process. Anticipating potential drug’s adverse effects in the early stages is necessary to minimize health risks on patients, animal testing, and economical costs. AI-driven methods can be exploited as first-tier screening tools proving liability estimation for drug candidates.

In this presentation we will guide you on our journey to incorporate AI through the SAS centralized analytical platform to develop AI models, in our Drug discovery process; by building a series of models able to profile small molecules; and how this allows us to prioritize only the safest compounds with a desirable activity profile.

Messe Congress Center Basel
CH - 4058 Basel

Visit Us at BiotechX EU in Booth 905

Our Partners

SAS and Intel work together extensively to ensure SAS’ world-leading analytics solutions take full advantage of the latest Intel hardware capabilities.

SAS and BC Platforms bring patient data to life with advanced analytics! On October 5, 10 am (keynote room) SAS will participate to the panel discussion of our partner BC Platforms alongside Roche and Astra Zeneca.

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