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Leid Zejnilovic


Daniel Carrasco


Carlos Moreno

Curiosity Data Science Iberian Awards

SAS, SPAIN AI and DSPA join forces to celebrate data scientists and their curiosity.

Professional data scientists, academic experts and students can apply and share their knowledge in the Data Science field in three categories: social, business, innovation.

This award will recognize projects carried out in 2020 in Iberia.

3 areas:


Improving people's lives 


Improving business results


Innovation in Data Sciences

Jury members

Guilherme Ramos
Executive Director. DSPA


"It is an enormous privilege to be part of the jury of a program that promotes and celebrates curiosity, inspiration and innovation at the service of Data Science, in a project that will greatly contribute to the demonstration and strengthening of its relevance and impact on society and economy".

Néstor Álvaro
Executive Director. Spain AI


"These awards contribute to the spirit of celebrating curiosity by fostering AI-related initiatives, promoting a Data-culture and showcasing innovative ideas to grow as a community. This vision is perfectly aligned with Spain AI's mantra of fostering AI at all levels, and it's our pleasure to contribute towards these goals, having a positive impact in our society".

Teresa Alpuim
Professor. Universidade de Lisboa


"Participating in the 1st Data Science Iberian Award is, for me, a great opportunity to share knowledge and innovative ideas with other Data Scientists, with different experiences and background, and to open my horizons about how to use Data Science to improve companies performance and people's lives.".

Ana Patricia Gonçalves
Data Scientist. SAS Portugal


"I find this initiative very interesting, as it is a way of giving visibility and merit to projects in the area of Data Science, through the sharing of ideas and experiences".

Alex Rayón
Vice-Rector for International Relations and Digital Transformation. University of Deusto


"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious", said Albert Einstein. That's something that particularly drives and motivates my passion on teaching, where we are able to foster that curiosity among our students. Specifically, on data science and analytics, where everything is still pending to be developed! So very keen on helping being part of this jury process.

Cristina Sánchez
Data Scientist. SAS Spain


"Curiosity is one of the engines that drives advancement. For this reason, it is exciting to be part of this initiative which objective is to award Data Scientists for their curiosity in problem solving frameworks using a lever as powerful as data analytics".


Economic prize 2.000€ + Training valued in 2.590€

Economic prize 1.000€ + Training valued in 1.295€

15% Training Discount for each project

Access possibility to SAS Job bank

Communications, Networking & Recognition



  • Maximum of 40 projects
  • Teams must be made up of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people 
  • Possibillity of individual registration
  • Native Portuguese or Spanish, OR, their projects must have been applied/executed in the Iberian Territory


  • The intellectual property of the projects and proposals made and presented under the Iberian Award will belong to the participants
  • SAS and the Event Organizers may publish the images of the participants who have been designated as winners on their website and on social media
  • The award is personal and non-transferable