Jake Porway
Founder of DataKind | AI engineer + social cause “matchmaker”

Use the exponential power of AI to combine it and do good for humanity.

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Jaap Bonjer
Chair en Professor of Surgery, Amsterdam UMC

In a very small plane thera are always two pilots. Why do we have only one surgeon for each surgery?

Sandra Schoonhoven
Head of Sustainability Programmes, ING Bank NV

You don't start working on a cathedral just because you want to see the end of it. You do that with a higher purpose because you want to bring something to the world.

Jeroen van der Vlugt
Chief Information Officer,
Ministry of Defence

Data driven operations in modern warfighting

Bert Rijk
CEO, Aurea Imaging BV

Yes, a tree can have a fever. If a tree has got stress, then evapotranspiration isn't working. Under influence of the sunlight, it will not be able to cool itself, so it will overheat.

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