Customer Insights Without Cookies

Learn how to use your existing customer data to achieve exceptional marketing results – no cookies required.

For decades, cookies have been a critical component in the digital marketer’s toolkit. These snippets of code identifying a user’s browser have enabled targeted advertising across websites and provided a wealth of consumer insights.

But as consumers have become more protective of privacy, the use of cookies has been under fire. Marketers must prepare for a near future when third-party cookies no longer exist. Despite the fact that Google has pushed back their plans to phase out third-party cookies until 2023 – they WILL be going away. And the sooner you start planning for this the better off you will be.

Even in a world without cookies, you can have your cake and eat it too. The resources on this page highlight how SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 provides everything needed to:


Navigating the digital world without third-party cookies

Explore the power of SAS® Customer Intelligence 360

  • Merge online and offline customer identities for a more complete view of the customer.
  • Apply AI- and ML-driven analytics in real time to make the most of first-party data.
  • Get a clear picture of spending effectiveness with algorithmically driven attribution.
  • Deliver a consistent hyper-personalized customer experience all the time, across every channel.

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