On-Demand Webinar

Managing Customer Identity Data to Create a Better Customer Journey

Learn how to capitalize on emerging digital technologies to make customer experiences more conversational, immersive and transparent

About the webinar

Transforming customer identity data into insight comes with great responsibility.

Brands need to put issues of trust, privacy and transparency at the center of everything they do.

Those that succeed can create ongoing, personalized and mutually beneficial relationships that are tailored to an individual’s unique technology identity.

We will discuss:

  • The challenges to managing customer identities effectively.
  • Ways that brands can collect and manage customer identity data while building trust.
  • New use cases we’ll see around customer identity.
  • Capabilities needed to preserve, maintain and enhance digital identity.
  • How brands effectively build a digital customer identity profile.

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About the Experts

Jonathan Moran
Principal Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Suneel Grover
Advisory Solutions Architect, Marketing AI and Decision Science, SAS

Dennis Eaton
Principal Presales Solutions Architect, SAS