On-Demand Webinar

Going Beyond CDP To Succeed in the Hybrid Digital/Physical World

Learn how to better manage data and adapt your engagement strategies to a new customer environment

About the webinar

Customer engagement today is increasingly digital – even when it’s physical. This brings new opportunities, but also challenges.

The average marketer deals with 28 different martech vendors, not to mention more data, channels and devices.

It’s easy to see why CDPs are garnering so much attention.

But today’s challenges require a new breed of CDP – one that goes beyond simply unifying customer profiles.

A CDP that seamlessly enhances, extends and activates customer data in real time.

We will discuss and demonstrate:

  • How the new engagement models accelerate the data problem and affect the CDP market space.
  • What capabilities are needed beyond traditional CDP functionalities.
  • How to overcome the “lift and shift” data problem and eliminate digital data time lag.
  • What the new breed of CDP looks like in action (with a demonstration).

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About the Experts

Lisa Loftis
Principal Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Rob Taylor
Principal Business Solutions Manager, Global Customer Intelligence Practice, SAS