Our successful partnership now delivers industry-leading SAS Viya analytics with IBM Power Systems’ superior compute and storage.

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SAS Viya and IBM Power Systems:
A Powerful Combination for Optimizing the Analytics Life Cycle

Accelerate insights

SAS Viya and IBM Power Systems provide the best analytics, storage and compute capacity to accelerate the journey from data to decision.

Maximize resilience

SAS Viya and IBM Power Systems are engineered to deliver continuous operations, ensuring you have analytic insights whenever you need them.

Support ModelOps

SAS Viya and IBM Power Systems seamlessly support the entire analytics life cycle, streamlining model deployment and monitoring, allowing your analytics to keep up with your changing business demands.

Flexible deployment

SAS Viya and IBM Power Systems provide IT agility through flexible deployment options, on-demand scaling and workload management.

SAS and IBM have collaborated for more than 40 years to solve some of the most complex algorithmic challenges together. IBM Power Systems offer value to mutual customers whose business challenges demand not only SAS Analytics, but also high data throughput.

– Ken Gahagan, Senior Director and Division Head, Compute Services, SAS

SAS Viya 3.5 Release Products on IBM POWER9

SoftwareRead, write and update data regardless of its native database or platform.

Get interactive matrix programming and exploratory data analysis, with integration to R.

Optimize business processes and address challenges with enhanced operations research methods.

Get the power to support quality improvement across the entire organization.

Take advantage of extensive statistical capabilities to meet the data analysis needs of your entire organization.

SAS® Data Preparation
Quickly prepare data for analytics in a self-service, point-and-click environment with data preparation from SAS.

SAS® Data Quality
Improve the value of your data – and maintain that excellence – for better data-driven decisions.

SAS® Econometrics
Analyze complex business and economic scenarios, providing a scientific basis for better decision making.

SAS® Intelligent Decisioning
Enable analytically driven real-time customer interactions, and automate operational business decisions at scale.

SAS® Model Manager
Register, modify, track, score, publish and report on analytical models through a web interface that is integrated with the model building process.

SAS® Optimization
Find optimal solutions to complex business and planning problems faster than ever.

SAS® Visual Analytics
Visually explore all data, discover new patterns and publish reports to the web and mobile devices.

SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning
Solve your most complex problems faster with a single, integrated in-memory environment.

SAS® Visual Forecasting
Generate large numbers of reliable forecasts – quickly and automatically – in an open environment.

SAS® Visual Statistics
Create and modify predictive models faster than ever using a visual interface and in-memory processing.

SAS® Visual Text Analytics
Uncover insights hidden in text data with the combined power of natural language processing, machine learning and linguistic rules.

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