This multi-part series of 30-minute on-demand webinars dives into what it takes to make digital transformation a reality.

Is 30 minutes enough time to fully realize the benefits of digital transformation?

Honestly, probably not. But it’s a great start.

Spend 30 minutes with SAS and Accenture as we showcase real-world examples of digital transformation. You’ll learn proven lessons, things to avoid and tips for getting ahead.

Session 1
Putting Customer Experience Front and Center

Learn about the architecture needed to enable digital transformation and deliver an improved customer experience.

Session 2
Giving People What They Need to Succeed

Explore how to empower people to work smarter, develop new skills and be catalysts for change.

Session 3
The Data Factory Approach

Explore the foundational layer of digital transformation – the data.

Meet our experts

Bernard Blais
Senior Manager
Global Product Marketing
Messaging and Enablement Practice, SAS  

Edwin Van der Ouderaa
Senior Managing Director
Financial Services, Accenture

Nick Millman
Global Lead , Applied Intelligence Data Engineering & Architecture, Accenture

Tom Roehm
Senior Director, Global Marketing and Messaging, SAS

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