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Digital Transformation Session 3: The Data Factory Approach

Join SAS and Accenture for Part 3 of our webinar series as we explore the foundational layer of digital transformation – the data.

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About the webinar

In our previous webinars, we’ve explored the architecture and people sides of digital transformation.

With this presentation, we’re going straight to what’s foundational to digital transformation: the data.
Doing business in a digital world means managing the torrent of structured and unstructured data collected from seemingly infinite sources.

Data not only fuels the technologies that enable digital transformation – it’s fundamental to maximizing the ROI of AI and other technology investments.

Organizations must be adept at accessing, preparing, cleaning, managing, governing and re-using data to derive the right insights that will help them be successful.

Join SAS and Accenture for this webinar to learn:

  • What’s required today to accelerate value realization from data.
  • The data factory approach to unifying and orchestrating all the components of digital transformation.
  • Challenges to overcome and how to get started.

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About the Experts

Nick Millman
Global Lead , Applied Intelligence Data Engineering & Architecture, Accenture

Tom Roehm
Senior Director, Global Marketing and Messaging, SAS