Treat yourself to half an hour of some good ole’ SAS competitive fun.

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How do people divide their time among daily activities?

Featured visualization: In this SAS Users blog post, Cindy Wang analyzes open data using SAS Visual Analytics to answer the question: How do people divide their time among daily activities? Her post chronicles the steps she took. Want to try it for yourself? Sign up for a two-week free trial of SAS Visual Analytics.

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If you’ve not yet attended a SAS Bowl trivia game, go ahead and treat yourself to half an hour of some good ole’ SAS competitive fun. Hosted by the SAS Support Communities team, the monthly virtual trivia series is running strong and just had its 14th (pardon me, XIV) session on SASPy. Read up on how the trivia runs in general here. We’re experimenting with hosting the live event on Microsoft Teams, versus streaming on YouTube Studio as we’ve done in the past. This allows you to register for the event and even interact with the hosts and other participants before and after the event.

Join us on December 9 at 10 am ET for SAS Bowl XV: SAS Studio Python Code Editor. You’ll get to test your knowledge, see SAS friends and get an adrenaline jolt. If you place in the top three, you’ll be rewarded with some fabulous community swag, personally selected by my colleague Joe Furbee.


SAS® Tips and Tricks

Three Fundamental Mistakes That May Limit Your Career and How to Correct Them

Three fundamental mistakes that may limit your career and how to correct them

Based on years of leadership training experience, Alexander Schacht shares three common mistakes that limit careers in data science or statistics in this SAS Global Forum 2021 presentation. The mistakes, which he made early on, relate to education and training, the methodological and technical aspect of the job and leadership.

Add reference lines to a bar chart in SAS

In this blog post by SAS’ Rick Wicklin, you’ll learn about two ways to overlay a reference line on the categorical axis of a bar chart. While the post focuses on vertical bar charts, all programs can be adapted to display horizontal bar charts.

Introduction to Doxygen

Tom Bellmer reveals how to use Doxygen (not to be confused with the indie rock band Foxygen) to organize SAS macros in a way that makes it easy for others to see and understand your code. He gives background on the free software and walks through a SAS example in this SAS Global Forum 2021 paper.


Expert Tutorials

What is ANOVA?

What is ANOVA?

If you have a friend who could benefit from a good primer on ANOVA, send them this video by SAS’ Andy Ravenna. He explains the technique through a cereal box example, shows how to calculate values to populate an ANOVA table and then demonstrates the whole approach in SAS.

5 steps to your first analytics project using SAS

What do you track in your daily life? Use that data to start your first analytics project in SAS OnDemand for Academics. Follow SAS’ James Harroun as he steps through the simple process of analyzing his fuel consumption before and after the pandemic. 

Free Dec. 7th webinar: What Do I Need to Know About Kubernetes for Administering SAS® Viya®?

Join this webinar to learn how Kubernetes and SAS Viya intersect, especially in the areas of administration and deployment. Topics include admin tasks that require interacting with Kubernetes and the SAS Viya deployment process using kustomize and kubectl commands.

Free Dec. 16 webinar: How Do I Use Python in SAS® Viya®?

Join this webinar to learn how to process, analyze and visualize data using Python in SAS Viya. We’ll introduce the fundamentals of SAS Viya and Cloud Analytics Services, or the CAS Server, and why you would want to use the CAS Server and Python together.


From SAS® Communities

Hackin’SAS (the good way)

Hackin’SAS (the good way)

The SAS Global Hackathon provided a technical infrastructure challenge that SAS’ Hans Edert recalls as “a great learning experience of using cloud technologies ‘at scale’.” To give you an idea, 1,100 registered participants across almost 80 countries banded into 100 teams to work on a use case over a 4-week period. Learn about how this operated on dedicated SAS Viya environments in Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Kerberos delegation with the new SAS Viya

This 5-part community article series by SAS’ Stuart Rogers starts with an overview and continues into authentication processing, Kerberos delegation configuration and requirements for SAS/ACCESS to Hadoop.

Free Data Friday series is back!

With recent installments like Battle of the Titans - Congress v The Supreme Court and Scare yourself silly this Halloween with SAS, Chris Brooks uses SAS OnDemand for Academics as the free e-learning tool to analyze publicly-available data about current events. Check out the entire series to see the breadth of topics he’s covered in the past.


For Developers

Can I Call CAS Actions Using REST APIs

Free Nov. 23rd webinar: Can I Call CAS Actions Using REST APIs

CAS actions are the building blocks of analytical work in SAS Viya. CAS Actions are callable from various clients including CASL, open source languages (via SWAT) and yes, REST APIs. Join Joe Furbee in this Ask the Expert webinar to learn more.


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