This month's edition gives a shout-out to SAS Support Communities Super Users, tells you about Git integration with SAS and reminds you about the early bird deadline for SAS Global Forum 2019.

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Featured visualization: Woah. Meta. This month we have a SAS Visual Analytics infographic about a book on SAS Visual Analytics infographics.  

February 2019, SAS Tech Report 

Dear Reader, 

If you're a regular reader of the Tech Report, chances are you dive into the SAS Communities section below for a small taste of the rich info those forums provide. Users in your same boat spend loads of time on the site getting answers to their questions of the day. There are several helpful and extremely-devoted practitioners who help community members seemingly all day long. 
We recognize these example-setting community stewards through the Super User and PROC Star programs. Because these individuals go above and beyond with each interaction and offer up sound advice to help users get "unstuck," they get things like a special digital designation, invites to exclusive meetings and extra community abilities. Here's a sampling of some solutions this year's Super Users have provided in the last couple of weeks: 

ReezaDifferent results when use reference option in PHREG class statement

novinosrinWhile loop, right?

KurtBremserMany dates comparison

ballardwHow do I code for an observation's Demographic Distribution Goodness of Fit?

TomHow to combine year and month columns into one column

We can't thank our Supers and PROC Stars enough for sharing their SAS powers with the community. If you haven't checked them out – or the SAS Communities at all – I encourage you to hop on over there. Certainly, there's a tip or two you'll find useful. You may even make a few SAS friends while you're at it. 

Anna Brown 
Editor, SAS Tech Report 
Follow me @abrown7


SAS® Tips and Tricks

Using built-in Git operations in SAS

Using built-in Git operations in SAS 

SAS supports direct integration for Git from Base SAS (via functions), SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Studio, and SAS Data Integration Studio. Read this blog post for details. 

SUGA Webinar on SAS® Grid Manager revamp: what admins should know

SUGA Webinar on SAS® Grid Manager revamp: what admins should know 

On March 12, learn about the new SAS Grid Manager that's entirely written by SAS, without dependence on an external or third-party provider. SAS expert Edoardo Riva will present this SUGA webinar and also wrote a recent blog post on this topic. 

Create training, validation, and test data sets in SAS

Create training, validation, and test data sets in SAS 

How do you use SAS to split data into training, validation and testing data? SAS' Rick Wicklin takes on this common question by explaining two approaches to partitioning data in this blog post. 

Five Approaches for High-Performance Data Loading to the SAS® Cloud Analytic Services Server

Five approaches for high-performance data loading to the SAS® Cloud Analytic Services server 

The SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) Server, the in-memory analytics engine for SAS® Viya®, provides five major techniques for the parallel transfer of data over a wide range of potential data sources. This paper illustrates those techniques, explains the technology, and highlights the benefits of high-performance data transfer across multiple parallel channels. 

How to spot counterfeit company logos with AI – no SAS programming experience needed

How to spot counterfeit company logos with AI – no SAS programming experience needed 

During her second week on the job, SAS' Augusta Zhang learned about the development and deployment of effective computer vision models. In this blog post, she documents her experience creating a demo to distinguish a valid company logo and a counterfeit version. 


For Developers

Authentication to SAS Viya: a couple of approaches

Authentication to SAS Viya: a couple of approaches

One of the most confusing and complex parts of application development is client registration and authorization/authentication. In this article, SAS' Joe Furbee simplifies the process of connecting your apps to SAS using OAuth 2.S Data Integration Studio. Read this blog post for details. 

From SAS® Communities

How to export table view on SAS Forecast Studio?

Exporting table view with SAS Forecast Studio 

A new community member needs to export SAS Forecast Studio results to Excel, CSV or some different format. SAS Super FREQ (the Super User program version for SAS employees) @mitrov swoops in to save the day.   

How to integrate your first web map into a SAS Visual Analytics report with #WebMapWednesday

Integrate your first web map into a SAS Visual Analytics report with #WebMapWednesday

The latest edition of #WebMapWednesday by @NasMuhammad from SAS outlines three steps to create a web map in SAS Visual Analytics: choose a base map, add layers and save the map. Get started on your first web map.

Your SAS Global Forum paper: Now with GitHub!

Your SAS Global Forum paper: Now with GitHub!

This year, SAS and the conference team have worked together to create a special place on GitHub where you can share any and all of your supporting materials.  Optional for presenters, the GitHub repositories offer a way for your code, samples and more to live on beyond the proceedings. Check it out here.


SAS News

Early bird deadline is March 4 for SAS Global Forum 2019

Early bird deadline is March 4 for SAS Global Forum 2019  

Check out the now more than 400 sessions in the session catalogue. Filter by top, skill level and more to find the best sessions for you. Register by March 4 to get the early bird rate! 


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